We live and breathe communication.
When it comes to people, it's all about that.



We believe that regardless of technology and the speed of innovation, people are still people.
No matter what your business is about, at the end of the day, it’s all about people.

We know how to tell a story. We know how to get people to listen, and move them to action.
We know how to inspire people to go along with. We can help you avoid those big media waves, or use them to gain momentum. We can help you make things right.

We live and breathe communication, because when it comes to people, it's all about that.


In 2016, Globes' business magazine included Eli Sha’ked among the most influential media consultants in the media.
Sha’ked began his career in 1996 during his military service in the IDF Spokesperson Unit.
Since then he has stirred some of the most talked about campaigns in the country.
Prior to founding his own consultancy, Sha’ked worked with prominent clients such as the Israeli Police, as the spokesperson for 'The governmental inquiry commission of the military engagement in Lebanon 2006' and has played a leading role in implementing the Water Authority's national "Save Water" campaign (International Golden Drum Advertising and PR Grand Prix 2009 Award).
Sha'ked, attorney at law, holds a master's degree in law from TAU and lives in central Tel Aviv with his wife and two sons.

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Ask Them About Us

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